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Baby Essentials Checklist

When you're expecting a baby, it's hard to know what you should buy or need for the newborn and what products would be the best choice for you. It is the reason why you need to read this article to get familiar with all the baby essentials you will need during your pregnancy as well as for your newborn during the first couple of months.

Our checklist features a range of products which cover all aspects a mum will understand. Traveling together with your baby shouldn't be stressful, and also the right pushchairs and booster seat can make a big difference. For home, we've selected some essentials for that nursery, bathing, and sleeping, as well as other baby essentials for mum, including changing bags, pregnancy pillows, and essential vitamins.

Pushchairs and carriers
• A buggy pushchair or pram, which lies flat for newborns and has both rain cover and sunshade.
• A baby carrier or baby sling the industry brilliant selection for carrying your child with you, while providing you with the freedom to maneuver and do other activities.
• A special type of pushchair which can be changed with car seats and carrycots that are useful for transporting a sleeping baby.
Car seat
• Rear-facing Car-seats which is helpful for taking your baby from hospital to home.
• There are lots of different groups of child car seats, all created for a child’s specific age and height. Group 0 & 0+ child car seats are designed for newborns aged 0-12 months and 0 – 15 months respectively.
• An i-size car seat, that comply with new EU safety standards designed to increase safety and provide better protection for child car seats.


• NHS advised that baby ought to be in mum and dad's room for that first six months; many parents choose a portable Moses basket, crib or cradle as their baby's first bed.
• Most cots come with no cot mattress, so you'll have to buy one separately. A supportive mattress makes the baby sleep comfortably, so it is important to select a good mattress.
• A changing unit, makes nappy changes stress free, it is good that you have to get one.


• Teeny babies could be wriggly and slippery so make bath time fun and simple with a baby bath or perhaps a bath support that sits in the big bath.


Sleep and Safety
• A baby checklist wouldn't be complete with any baby monitor that allows you to maneuver around the home while your child sleeps.
• Thermometers are an easy way to obtain a fast, accurate reading of the child’s temperature. Babies younger than a few months, a low fever, could be a manifestation of a serious illness or infection.
• A room thermometer in your child’s nursery means you can see instantly if the room is warm or cool for the baby


• A manual pump that is discreet and portable is essential for everyday use
• A single electric pump or perhaps a double pump for fast and effective pumping is necessary.
• Sterilizing bottles, pumps, and any other feeding accessories are essential as parasites love warm milky environments, so it’s vital to utilize a sterilizer
• Cover-ups can give you some privacy while breastfeeding in public
• Breastfeeding accessories including nipple shields and nipple cream
Baby clothes
• Newborn’s skin could be very soft; that's the reason cotton is the greatest fabric, so ensure that any clothes you purchase are 100% cotton.
• 6 - 8 sleepsuits
• 6- 8 bodysuits
• If you’re expecting a winter or autumn baby, ensure that you get several cardigans, a hat along with a winter coat.
• 2 pairs of socks
• 2 pairs of scratch mittens

• Because you will be changing your baby nappy around 10 to 12 times each day, it is good that you discover the right brand for you.
• Look for nappies designed for the delicate skin of babies. Some nappies have wetness indicators that change colour to show you when you need to change your baby nappy.


For Mum
• A changing bag to hold all of the essentials - make sure you pick the bag that meets your needs. These days many changing bags have features such like a folding changing mat or insulated bottle holder.
• Pregnancy pillows assist you to sleep within the latter stages of being pregnant.
• Pregnancy could affect your skin; many mums experience much drier skin, so make sure you have some special skin care products made for new and expecting mums.
• Certain vitamins & supplements are important when you’re pregnant and when you’re breastfeeding to safeguard you and your child’s health.
It is important that you study our baby product guide to see the products that will meet your needs and help you to know what you need to get for your baby.

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