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Guest Blogger - Day in the life of a 3 year old.

We would like to welcome our guest blogger Mrs T (www.sothisismemrst.blogspot.co.uk). Here is her first blog post on our website. The day in the life of a 3 year old.

Hello I'm H and I am 3 years old. I live with Mummy, Daddy and big brother O. Here is a day in my life. 

Any time between 6am and 6.30am I'm awake. Immediately yell out for someone (usually Daddy) to take me to the toilet. Refuse to go back to bed even though not quite ready to get up I am up for the day. It is morning-time as I can see sunlight through the curtains even though Daddy says it's not quite time to get up.

Follow Daddy back to his and Mummy's room, Daddy goes to get ready for work and I jump on Mummy's head. Mummy is now awake but just mumbles at me. I demand cartoons on, Mummy scrambles for the remote and puts it on, she doesn't get up until her alarm goes off despite me telling her its morning time.

Anytime around 7am Fireman Sam finishes so I decide I don't want to watch the next cartoon and poke Mummy demanding a drink of milk. She gets up we get dressed and head downstairs. O is stirring and he gets dressed and joins us for breakfast.

Now I'm downstairs I survey the scene. Pile of books I left here yesterday is still there, and so is my latest duplo creation. Mummy knows better than to break down any of my creations, she learned that after she demolished my 'dinosaurus' I made last week and I screamed at her until she promised me we could remake it after nursery. 

Meanwhile Daddy has gone to work and Mummy is putting the kettle on. She doesn't say much until she has had a coffee in the mornings. O is dressed ready for school, he is usually reading a book and Mummy puts the tv on for her and O to watch the news and the weather. I take up my position on the rug, while Mummy makes breakfast and gets me a drink of milk. I am not allowed to sit on the sofa with drinks any more since Mummy and Daddy got their new sofa. I'm not sure what the fuss is, its fab to jump on which I do a lot of when Mummy isn't looking. Mummy keeps telling me is 'not a climbing frame'.

Mummy says quite a few times 'we need to get a move on' but she doesn't seem to be drinking her coffee any faster in fact she seems to be making herself another coffee. Soon its time for us to put our shoes on, I can manage to put my own shoes on now and usually on the right feet, coats on and into the car to take O to school. 

It's great dropping O at his big boys school, they have a huge playground with a wiggly snake painted on the floor that I love running up and down and a big clock to run around in circles until I get a bit dizzy. Sometimes there are other little children there and we all run around together. If its raining and I'm in luck Mummy might carry me to to the classroom door to drop O off. We wave through the window as he goes in and we can see him hang up his coat. His classroom looks loads of fun, its full of brightly coloured books and loads and loads of colouring pencils. I'd have fun in there. Little brothers aren't allowed in there, Mummy says. 

Back in the car we whizz off to nursery. I love nursery I've been there since my third birthday and it's so much fun. I don't have time to miss Mummy we get up to lots of exciting things, there is a big sand tray and a little fish tank next to my table, if I am the leader then I get to count the other children, help with the calendar and feed the fish. 

My teachers help me to write H which is the first letter of my name. Sometimes we are allowed to bring in toys from home to show and tell. Last week I brought in my football for the sound F. We play in the garden and have a snack and a story and soon its time for the mummies and daddies to arrive.

Mummy waits outside until the teachers call her in, I take my book bag home. I am very proud of my book bag, it has a really cool Batman keyring on it that I won on holiday. O has a Spiderman keyring on his big school bag. Mummy reads my daily book as we walk down the path back to the car, she asks me what I had for snack and what I have been doing. Sometimes if I have done a painting or made something then mummy puts it up on the wall in the kitchen at home for me to look at. 

At home I usually play for a little bit and Mummy makes me some lunch. I always like to have the same. Cheese sandwich with the crusts cut off, I make a terrible fuss if there is a bit of crust on my bread, yuk crusts are horrid. I also have carrots, cucumber and red pepper and if mummy remembers a 'supercheese'. O stays at school for his lunch as he is a big boy. He always says its yukky though and only eats it on Friday when its fish and chips. I can't wait to have my lunch at school when I'm a big bigger. Daddy bought me a new Spiderman plate which mummy always puts my lunch on. 

After lunch we might go to the library, I love the library Mummy always lets me press the big button to open the magic doors. They have got cubes and cubes of books, I usually look for a Maisy book or sometimes something with a train on the front they are usually good stories. Mummy and I take it in turns to choose books to read to each other, sometimes they have singing time and the lady with the yellow hair lets us pick a our favourite song to sing, mine is 'wheels on the bus' at the end if we are all good she brings out her bubble gun and we all go a bit crazy trying to pop the bubbles. I love chasing bubbles.

Mummy lets me choose three books to take home and we carry them back to the car. Its time to go and collect O from school. We park at school and wait at the stripey road for O

to appear. Mummy says I have to keep still and I try to as there are cars passing by all the time driving other children home. Sometimes O is the first out and sometimes he takes ages. 

Back at home we have a snack and maybe watch Tom and Jerry for a while. Then Mummy and O sit at the big table and look at his homework. I join them at the table and do some colouring or look at my new library books. Mummy makes us some tea, my favourite is sausage and mash. Then we play in the garden on our scooters pretending to be trains or kick the football. When it's bathtime we go upstairs, I love hiding in O's bedroom while Mummy gets the bath all ready for us. Sometimes O puts his music on and we dance to our favourite songs. After our bath we watch a bit more tv and have some milk. Usually this is when Daddy comes home from work.

When Mummy takes us up to bed we have a story in O's bedroom, I listen to a bit but then mummy tucks me into my spaceman duvet and we have a story. At the moment I like The Jolly Postman or the Gruffalo. My teddy my Nana and Grandad bought me when I was a baby is the only cuddly that is allowed to sleep in my bed with me. He goes under my pillow.

Mummy kisses me goodnight and goes to sort O out. If I'm really tired I will snuggle down and go straight off to sleep. If I'm a bit more awake sometimes I'll sing or look at my books until I fall asleep.

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